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Friday, December 28, 2018

December Ditties - 2018 A Recap

Each year for the past couple of years it has been my practice to take a selfie and a picture of the full moon each month.  Here are the ones from this year:

January had two full moons and an eclipse!

This is from the eclipse:

The kids make fun of me because I always have my eyes closed in pictures taken of me.  Apparently I can't even keep my eyes open when I take my own picture!

There was no full moon in February because March had two of them and apparently I didn't take a picture of me either!  Here are March's moons.  The first one reminds me that baseball is coming soon!


Yay, it's baseball season!

I don't know how but I missed May's full moon.  Here is me in May:

 This is June:

In July I caught Venus with the moon!

July's full moon.


September.  I think this looks like a bird in front of it don't you?  It's a tree branch.




Do you try to catch the full moon every month?  Make any wishes?  Take many selfies?  Share!

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