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Sunday, December 2, 2018

December Ditties - 2018 - Blog(mas) Santa's Sleigh

One of the Christmas decorations I remember from when I was younger is the Santa's sleigh we had that hung above our fireplace.  It was made of styrofoam and I'm not sure how it lasted all the years it did.  This picture is from 1964 and I don't even remember if that was the first year we had it or if it was from before then.  That's my sister, Judy, me in the middle and a friend of mine from school, Joanne.  You can barely see the top of my little sister's head.   

This picture is from about 1980 or 1981.  My parents had sold the house I grew up in and moved to San Jose into a mobile home park.  Really, I don't know how the styrofoam made it.  Guess they made things sturdier in those days - LOL.  My father must have attached some poles to the back.  That sounds like something he would do.  He was pretty crafty in his own mechanical way.     

Do you have any decorations that lasted 16 years or more?  Share!

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