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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Noted in November - 2018

I almost blogged the 31 things in 31 days but I missed by 4.  To be fair, I had two days of shopping fun with my daughter and then a catastrophic event that consumed 2 days.  Then I needed one day to decompress from the stress.  The recap of these events goes as follows:

#28 - Drink:  I don't drink alcohol often so when someone says drink I think of my morning coffee and warm water with lemon.  Special occasions are different, such as when my husband and I went to Oregon earlier this year.  That deserved a pre-flight mimosa for me and bloody Mary for him.

When I went out to dinner the other night with my girls they were having a happy hour special with drinks for $1 at Applebee's so I had to try one of their spooky specials.  It was basically fruit punch with some rum and a "brain" gummy floating in it.  I'll have more to say on that experience in another post.  

#29 - Smell:  My favorite smell is vanilla.  I also think there is nothing like the smell of fresh baked donuts or cinnamon rolls, or bread or the smell of a good steak cooked on a barbecue or berry pie, and lemon, I like the smell of lemon.  Think all my smells are associated with food?  Pretty much - LOL.  I am really not fond of smells like lavender or jasmine.  They are too perfumey for me.  I like fresh and clean scents.  

#30 - 3:35 PM.  Here is where we get to the stressful incident.  On the 30th at 3:35 PM I was in a state of anguish because I had done a really stupid thing on Saturday and upgraded my Mac software to the newest version, Mojave, but I forgot to check its compatibility with my other necessary work software, Olympus DSS.  I went through this scenario once before when Mac took the Rosetta compatibility away and I didn't upgrade then until I knew it was safe for all my programs, so I should have been smart enough to double check before upgrading but it has been a while so I forgot.  

Since I hadn't done any work Saturday or Sunday because I went shopping with my daughter (which I shouldn't do because it resulted in a new cellphone for her, my husband and I and then new curtains for the kitchen!), I didn't realize that they wouldn't play together until Monday.  I couldn't open the program I needed so I went to the Olympus website and it said right on the front page - Not Compatible With Mojave, Do Not Upgrade :(   Of course I Googled all the "fixes" for the problem and spent Monday backing up my photos and other important documents onto my laptop and into the Cloud.  Fortunately I had not done the upgrade to my laptop so I was able to do my work from there but I can't do my work on that all the time.  I had to uninstall the Mojave upgrade.  

I am not afraid to try things but I am really not computer savvy when it comes to the programming aspect and when the "fixes" started talking about going to the terminal and typing in commands I was out of my league.  One "simple" fix was to reboot from my back up disk which fortunately I had.  It showed that the most recent backup was September (so there obviously was an issue with the backup drive too) but at least that was before the Mojave incident and since I had been able to move my files to my laptop I was okay with going back to September.  I tried doing the reboot thing but it kept starting back up with Mojave.  Finally I was able to talk to my son whose roommate is a computer genius and after I established with them that I had tried everything I could by myself, his roommate promised to come over when he got off work to see what he could do.  There were a few tense moments and my computer was reluctant to cooperate at first but finally Steve triumphed and there was a reboot in progress.  By the end of the night I could see that it was starting up again in the correct program, High Sierra, and that I would be able to piece things back together.  

#31 - Joy  How fitting that the last of my 31 words is joy because that is exactly what I felt when I was able to get back into my work programs and even though I had to put in some passwords again on a few of my sites, at least I know that everything will be okay.  I will not make that rookie mistake again!        

So, Noted in November begins with these last few bits of October.  Tomorrow we'll start fresh...thank goodness!


  1. I feel for you, Janet. I hate technology troubles (and always miss my previous IT Department when this happens). Here's to a smooth, fresh November!


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