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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Noted in November - 2018 Police Action

Just in case you were wondering why I would pay so much attention to the lady in the car from yesterday's post, today's events should clarify things.

See these flashing lights?

This is nearing the end of the police action that took place down at the corner of our block this afternoon.  Apparently a stolen vehicle car chase ended with the boys in blue capturing the suspect, but not before our neighbor got his car clipped by the speeding car as he turned the corner.  Fortunately, no injuries.  

By the time I went to get my camera to document it, a few of the police cars had already left the scene.  There had been about five or six vehicles there with their flashing red, yellow and blue lights.  It was actually kinda pretty.  

Anyway, you can see that I kind of had a reason to pay some attention to the mystery woman yesterday.  You just never know!

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