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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Noted in November - 2018 #SoCS Mean

Linda G. Hill is inviting us to share our Stream of Consciousness this Saturday with the word "Mean(s)".

I don't think I'm particularly a mean person.  My family would say that I am insensitive to animals and they would be correct but I'm not mean to animals, I just don't care about them. 

Even when someone is mean to me...well, I can't really remember the last time anyone was mean to me because I don't hang out with people who are like that. 

I don't even think I could drive a mean bargain because generally I'm a softie. 

Sometimes I wonder why I am doing this blogging thing.  I mean is anyone even reading it?  Then I think, "I don't care, I'm doing it for the fun of it" and if someone reads my blog maybe they'll find some meaning to it. 

For example:  This is what the sun looked like yesterday except the whole thing was bright orange like it is around the rim. 

Same sun, different camera:

No filters or special effects, just max zoom.  It looks like this because of all the fires that are devastating our state.  The closest fire is over 100 miles away and still our air is filled with smoke and there is ash on our cars.  A whole town (Paradise, California) was wiped out.  Sadly a couple of our friends lost their homes.  I can imagine what they are going through but my imagination is probably not anywhere close to what it really means to them.  Sending my thoughts and prayers to all those affected by these devastations.   


  1. Hi, Janet - We are currently in California, but fortunately nowhere near the fires. My thoughts and prayers are also with those affected by the fires. So devastating!
    BTW - Great different uses of 'mean.'

    1. Thanks Donna! Hope you are having fun in our state. Glad you are not in harms way. We are safe where we are too.


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