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Monday, January 23, 2017

Janet in January - 2017

My goodness time sure is flying, I must be having fun!

Recap of the pictures I have added to my album so far:

#20:  Interestingly, the 20th of January was Inauguration Day.  I am not a fan of our new president so I didn't pay much attention to the official happenings at all.  There must have been something subliminal going on though because the prompt was "white" and the subject I chose was these white houses that I got on sale at Michaels.  I am going to decorate them eventually but I'm not sure how yet.  

I think I'll be happier with these white houses than the other one, but who knows?

#21:   Three projects I am working on right now:

Two are heart-shaped mini-albums that I want to finish and get up on my Etsy shop in time for Valentine's Day and the other is a mini I am making for Mothers Day.  Since I took this picture I have finished the Mother's Day one and the heart on the left.  

#22:  The prompt is "In my town."

In my town we have a heart-shaped street.  We used to live in that neighborhood and it is kind of cool.  San Bruno's motto is "The City with a Heart."  That fact has been proven many times, but especially when we had the huge explosion from the broken PG&E pipe.  Yep, that was us!  I have lived here just about my entire life and though it has gone through some changes as most cities do, basically it is a really friendly town.

#23:  The song says "It never rains in California" but we seriously had a powerful storm today.

By our downspout it looked like a patch of snow but really it was just a huge collection of hail.  The picture with the blue background was taken on our back porch.  It would be nice if it would snow, especially because for the most part I don't have to drive anywhere so I could enjoy it without worry.  Definitely glad we got the new roof on last year though!

All caught up now.  Time to get back to work on my other projects!  How about you?  Did you watch the pomp and circumstance at the White House?  Stuck in the snow?  Please share!.  

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