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Friday, January 13, 2017

Janet in January - 2017

January 13 - It is Friday the 13th and yesterday was the full moon so I think it is only fitting that today's picture should be about the Sherlock Holmes Tarot cards I found at Barnes and Noble.

Sherlock Holmes has been one of my all time favorites for as long as I can remember.  I loved watching Jeremy Brett play him on PBS and Robert Downey Jr. in the movies.  I also recently really enjoyed the series "Sherlock" on BBC staring Benedict Cumberbatch.  I binge watched the whole series on Netflix while my husband was out of town.  I enjoyed the way they took the old stories and made them new with computers and blogging.  

I've also been fascinated with Tarot cards and have a small deck that I bought some time ago.  I am by no means an expert in how to use them but when I spotted these Sherlock Holmes cards, I just had to have them.  The cards themselves are a nice size and the scenes and people depicted on them are just perfect to represent the main characters and settings of the stories.  

As the guidebook says, there are quite a few analogies to be made between the stories and actions of the Great Detective and the world of the Tarot.  The deck is divided into The Major Arcana, which include of course Holmes and Watson as well as Professor Moriarty and Inspector Lestrade.  Mrs. Hudson is there as well as the Reichenbach Falls, the Hound of the Baskervilles and the 7% solution.
The Minor Arcana is divided into the Suits of Observation, Evidence, Analysis and Deduction.  Makes perfect sense to me!  

The book goes through each card and gives the meanings as well as interpretations for whether the card is positioned right side up or upside down.

It also gives several different spreads to explore, using anywhere from four cards to 10!  I can tell I'm going to have fun using this deck.  How about you?  Do you consult the Tarot?  Have a favorite deck?  Any tips for this beginner? 

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