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Sunday, December 4, 2016

December Reflections - 2016

Day 5 - Best book of 2016

I haven't read as many this year as I wanted to because I got stuck on a few, the longest being A Thousand Days by Arthur Schlesinger about JFK.  That took me several months to read and it was good, but I don't consider it the best book I read this year.

Since I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan:

I have to say my favorite book this year was Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz.  

Definitely had a twist at the end and I am looking forward to reading another one by him. 

Each year for the past couple of years I have been attempting a reading challenge.  I use the suggestions given by Pop Sugar (which I keep calling Pop Secret for some reason...popcorn anyone?)

Here is the link to their list for 2017:

I am looking forward to giving it another go this year.  How about you?  Working on any reading challenges?    Favorite book this year?  I'd love suggestions.  


  1. I used to have a copy of A Thousand Days that I never read and now I'm not sure what happened to it. If I ever find it again maybe I'll read it. It's a political classic.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Really made me miss JFK and I was only 8 at that time. Wishing there was someone like that around now!

  2. Hi Janet, Lois from December Reflections here. I really like the Pop Socks list of book suggestions. What a fun and creative way to choose a book to read!

    1. Hi Lois! It is fun to try and find different books to fit the categories. Makes me go out of my normal mysteries. Thanks for stopping by!


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