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Thursday, December 15, 2016

December Reflection - 2016

December 15 - Best decision of 2016

Has to be the beginning of the repairs we are doing on the house.  After 20 years of living here the most we had done was patch a few spots on the roof that were causing leaks inside the house and painting the bedrooms and bathrooms once.  Our little house definitely needed some TLC.

Taking it from this:

to this:

And this:

to this:

has made a huge difference.  

We still have some things to do - yard work is next perhaps, but we'll have to pay for this stuff first.  I'm thinking maybe by next summer we'll have a backyard fit to have a barbecue party.  That's gonna be on my goal list.

How about you?  Best decision of 2016?  Done some home improvements?  Love to hear about it.


  1. amazing!!! Our guest bathroom has a clawfoot tub that nobody will use. We're thinking about doing a shower very similar to the one you did in there. I'm going to save that picture as inspiration!

    1. It is such a difference maker! All the kids are grown and out of the house so no one takes a bath anymore. This picture does not show the glass door that was installed. It is clear glass and it just makes the room look so much bigger. Thanks for stopping by!