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Monday, December 19, 2016

December Reflections - 2016

December 19 - Something I love.

If the prompt said someONE I love, that would be easy.  Of course my husband, kids and family would come first.  But, the prompt is someTHING I love.

That makes it a little more difficult.  I love books.

I love Koala bears:

And I really love crafting in my craft room!

Oh yeah, I love music and going to concerts too!!

How about you?  What's something you love?  


  1. I like drinking glasses and coffee mugs and wine goblets. Pretty things that hold beverages so that I feel grand while drinking them. :-)

    1. Great Ally! I agree that the container is oftentimes even more special than what's inside.

  2. I'm with you in book love Janet. I'd likely add in flowers and all manner of shimmery sparkly things. I might be part magpie. :-)


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