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Friday, December 9, 2016

December Reflections - 2016

December 9 - Best Day of 2016

I can't pick one day that stands out as the BEST day.  I've had a lot of great days this year.  I know most everyone else doing this reflection has picked days with family or friends and while I cherish all of that, I would not be honest if I didn't say that the day we got the confirmation that my husband had been accepted on Social Security Disability and, secondarily, when we got the notice that because he was on disability retirement, the Department of Education has forgiven the loans that we took out to put our youngest through her first two years of college.  The stress and uncertainty that these things relieved is overwhelming.

To be able to have an income we can count on and NOT to have a big debt looming over us is huge.  Now we just have to pay for the remodeling we did to the house - LOL.  I suspect I will have a best  day when the inspection is done on the bathroom and we can put a real shower head in and not this low-flow one we have to have!

How about you?  What was your best day this year?  Love to hear it.

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