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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Must Be May - 2019 - Mother's Day is over.

Mother's Day is over and if you read my last post you'll know how mine went.  Now to concentrate on Father's Day.  I've added some new things to the Etsy site and thought I'd share here too.

Here's a card for the boxing fan:

 One for the golfer:

 and one for the motorcycle enthusiast:

They all come with matching envelopes of course.

The big one is a Tool Themed Mini-Album. 

Instead of ribbons and bows, this one is held together with rings and little metal embellishments.  

Inside is room for pictures and writing notes. 

There are pockets to stick in a gift card to his favorite hardware store!

Here's the back.  It is sturdy enough to stand on its own on the mantle or desk.  

Similar to the T-shirt one I showed during the A to Z Challenge, U for Unique.

That's what I've been doing when I can tear myself away from the new dog!  How about you?  What have you been up to since the A to Z?   

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