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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A to Z Challenge - 2019 - U is for Unique

I'm going with Unique for my letter "U" in this 10th Anniversary A to Z Challenge.   There are a lot of crafters out there so I try to make a few things that are a little unique.  Tell me what you think about these.

For Valentine's Day one year instead of making my husband a regular card I decided to use candy to spell out my message.  I taped different of his favorite candy bars on a sheet of poster board and wrote a message around them.  The message says:  (Candy in parentheses)

Baby Love (Baby Ruth candy):

There are more reasons why I love you than there are stars in the (Milky Way) but let me (Take Five) to start:

1)  You take me to fun rock concerts instead of the stuffy (Symphony).
2)  It may not be (100 Grand) but you give me all your money on (PayDay).
3)  You are a great dad to our (3 Musketeers).
4) You show me you still love me even though I have a few more wrinkles and (Rollo)'s than when we first met.
5) B'(Twix) driving through the (Sno Caps) mountains to Reno or watching that Cash Cab guy from New (York Peppermint Patty) we still have good times!

Our life together has been very (Good and Plenty) more to come!

He liked it so much he didn't want to ruin it by eating the candy!  I guess he could have taken the candy out and left the wrappers.

For my mom's 90th birthday I made this flower shaped card.  I found different things that happened in 1923 and put them on the petals of the flower.  This is another one that would be very easy to personalize.

These are some of the decorations I made using my Slice machine.  I was really happy with the way the guitars came out.  They will go great in my concert album.

I found this little shadow box at Michaels and used it to make a Halloween Haunted House mini album.  I think the paper I used in the background makes it look like there are lights on.

We have a local baking supply store who has a party room for rent.  I thought if I made a mini-album in the shape of a cake I could go to them and see if they would be interested in working with me to offer these to the people who have parties there.

Another way to give a gift card is this purse.  

It opens to show a bunch of tags with cheerful quotes and there is a pocket to tuck the gift card in.

Similar to the Name Game cards, I made this one for a friend of ours who was turning 60.  He has a boat and loves to go out on the water so I used a boat template and put a picture of him at the wheel.

The anchor I made using the Slice design card!

Finally, for Father's Day I made this T-shirt mini.  

Inside are lots of pockets for pictures.

And spots to write notes. 

It can be easily personalized with dad's favorite team colors and if he's not into baseball or football I have golf or fishing among other activities. 

Have I managed to come up with some unique ideas for gift giving?  I've said before I love experimenting.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

Five more letters in this year's A to Z.  I think I'm gonna make it, how about you?

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter


  1. With so many lovely unique cards I'm sure you've got the remaining letters sorted!

    1. Thanks Wendy. I'm pretty set but every once in a while I switch it up at the last minute!

  2. I made a poster with candy bars years ago, but with fewer items and not nearly as clever. I loved the phrase "a few more wrinkles and Rollos" oh my, that made me chuckle. 😂 And B'Twix is awesome!

    You have some wonderful unique cards!

    1. Thanks Trudy. Yeah, definitely more rolos than when I was younger, but then again, so does he :)

  3. Definitely UNIQUE! I like the way you marketed yourself to the bakery.

    1. Thanks. I haven't actually done it yet but it is on my list now that I have more room and time for crafting. Your comment gives me courage!

  4. So many creative and unique ways to brighten someone special's day!

    I have seen the candy message before. Comes in especially handy if your significant other's name is HENRY, hahaha!

    1. Absolutely! I had to use a sticker to cover the word Ruth in Baby Ruth - lol

  5. Unique and fun Janet! I really like the candy valentine. I'd definitely have just kept the wrappers though - the candy would have been a distant memory in no time.:-)

    1. LOL me too Deborah! I thought it was sweet that he didn't want to wreck the card


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