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Monday, May 27, 2019

Must Be May - 2019 - First Mountain Winery Concert of the Season - Daughtry

The Mountain Winery in Saratoga is one of our favorite venues to see concerts.  It is very intimate with only about 2500 seats so almost any spot is a good one.  We have been going there since about 2006-ish and lately we have seen at least four shows a year so that we can maintain our "Loyalty Status" which gives us special access to the pre-sales before each season starts.  Pre-sales is key here because that's how I am able to get the up close and personal seats for the shows we want.  Up close and personal leads to all kinds of magic!  You may remember the time I was next to Foreigner lead singer Kelly Hansen as he strolled through the crowd, or that time my husband got a fist bump from Neil Giraldo.   While it is true that not every show holds those high standards, and sometimes we sit farther back than others, there is always that potential for interaction with the band.   

Our first concert this year was Daughtry, a band we have seen before but one that puts on a very good show.  It turns out it was actually the first show for the Winery this season as well since the group for the night before had to cancel due to one of the band members breaking his arm.  Ouch! 

We were not sure about the weather as some rain was in the forecast but as it got closer to show time, the weather cleared a bit and we actually had a rainbow appear.  Still, it was freezing cold (in the 50's) so we bundled up with hats, coats and blankets.  Our seats were in the fourth row from the stage, almost dead center.  Not too shabby. 

Chris and the boys did not disappoint.  Even though they were cold too and left the stage occasionally to warm their hands or add some layers of clothing, there was no lack of energy. 

Daughtry has a great stage presence and did a lot of interacting with the crowd, even coming down to the edge of the stage and "dancing" or taking selfies with the lucky ladies that were in the front row.

My special moment came after the show was over when Josh Steely stayed behind to hand out some picks and take some selfie's too.  Thanks to my hubby for telling me to hang around.  Josh is very friendly and took that "one last" minute for me. 

Just as he was leaving Bill asked if he had a pick left and he reached into his pocket and pulled out this!  

Cage to Rattle is their latest album and that's the name of the tour.  I got some neat pictures on my camera that I haven't downloaded yet and did get a couple videos too.  This is "Backbone." 

Our next concert is Foreigner in a couple of weeks, also at the Winery.  We are in the second row for that one!  Hopefully the weather will be warmer.  Have you had any up close and personal experiences with celebrities?  Memorable concert moments?  Share!    

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