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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Must Be May - 2019 - High School Memories

I'm a day late on these but found them interesting on Barbara, John and Ally's blogs so decided to play along too.

Think about your SENIOR year in high school: 

  1. Did you know your current significant other?    Not even close, although we did find out later that he knew some of my classmates.  He's four years older than I am and lived in the next town.    
  2. Make and year of car?     Plymouth Valiant.  I don't remember the year but it was old because it only cost $400.  It was a cool ride with push button gear shift.  I called him Prince.
  3. What kind of job?  I worked at the local library all through high school and into the first year of college.
  4. Where did you live?  Just a few blocks from school but they were LONG blocks, up steep hills which I had to walk in rain, snow, sleet, hail - well maybe not snow in California. 
  5. Were you popular?    Not at all.  At our 40th reunion a few years ago I was surprised that so many of my classmates knew me.  
  6. Were you in choir?   Nope.  
  7. Ever get suspended from school?  Really?  I came from a Catholic grammar school.  
  8. If you could, would you go back?  No, although I do wish I had done some things differently back then.  Maybe I wish I had done some things!
  9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?  Didn't go to Senior Ball.  I got my car that weekend so I would have something cool to talk about when everyone else was talking about the Senior Ball.  Junior Prom was a family friend who did me a favor. 
  10. Did you skip school?  See answer 7!  I did do Senior Cut Day but I think they all expected that.
  11. Go to all the football games?  Not a one.  Did go to a basketball game where the teachers were playing against the local radio station though.  Got my picture in the yearbook that way because they happened to take an angle shot that included the benches.  
  12. Favorite subject?  English - just the reading part not the diagramming sentences part - and history.
  13. Do you still have your yearbooks?  Yes, although I didn't get one for my Freshman year.  I never look at them though so are they really that important to me?   
  14. Did you follow the career path you planned?  Pretty much.  I wanted to be a nurse but took the short cut to medical assistant instead. 
  15. Did you have a class ring?  Yes.  Still have it.  It doesn't fit.
  16. Still close with your best friend?  Yes although there were years that we didn't speak as we were busy raising our kids and she lived on the other side of the Bay from us.  
  17. Who was your favorite teacher?  Mr. Christman.  He looked like Steve McQueen so it was easy to pay attention to him.  
  18. What was your style?   I had no style.
  19. Favorite shoes?   Shoes were never my thing either.
  20. Favorite music?  Pop rock.  Whatever was playing on KYA radio.  
  21. High school hair?   Senior year was short with a bit of teasing to give it some height.  
  22. What kind of cologne/perfume?  None.  Still none.
  23. How old when graduated?  18
  24. Did you play a sport?  Hardly unless you call reading a sport.  

Sadly, our high school was shut down about 10 years after I graduated.  They turned parts of it into a continuation school and part of it into a Gymboree type thing.  Now they are talking about selling it so that housing can be developed.  No matter what I'll always be a Crestmoor Falcon!   How about you?  Play along!  It is interesting to read other people's high school experiences. 


  1. Very interesting to read more about you. I went to a Catholic high school but it was horrible as I was severely bullied and yearly trips to the hospital since students tried to break my fingers( I have Ehlers- Danlos hypermobility so they couldn’t...little did I know). Aside from that, I had a 1973 Ambassador for a car which I drove daily since I grew up in the country and it was a 20 minute drive. Of course, I skipped school or, at least, classes. I was never in the voice is only for the cats when they are in heat. I loved and still love ABBA and ELO plus classical and movie music. Weirdly, I still have my yearbooks but that might be to see the teachers, like Father Feel up who got his nickname when he was caught with the Mayor, literally with their pants down, well, they were nude, in Buffalo, after they picked up a couple of male hustlers only to get tied up, nude, and all their stuff stolen. Soon it was found out that he and the mayor were embezzling from the Bingo night’s the school had. I found out, 3 years ago that the principal I had, a priest, was arrested and is now in jail for child porn. Oh, I did go to my prom with 2 girls one who turned out to be a future missionary nun and the other a future arsonist...she burned down her family home. Ahhh such good times:)

    1. WOW what stories you have to tell! We are going to see ELO and an Abba Tribute band this summer. Looking forward to that. Thanks for stopping by and playing along!

  2. GAH! I came to copy and paste this into my own blog because I wanted to play along, but realized that the comment I made last night when I read it wasn't even here! :( I wonder how many other comments I've posted haven't shown up.

    Just so you know, I'm going to be under a different name from now on as well. The picture is a brown sign with a yellow arrow ;) That way I can have it notify me via email if you reply to my comments haha

    1. I do have a WordPress site as well if it is ever too hard for you to comment here. My posts are simulcast on both platforms thanks to IFTTT. I'm glad you played along!

  3. Oh yes! That would be much easier! What’s the link?

    1. Thanks for going the extra mile!

  4. Ah, see, I actually LOVED diagraming sentences. I would probably bomb at it now, though.

    What a fun post!

    1. Thanks Trudy! I guess nowadays there's an app to make sure you are grammatically correct. LOL


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