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Monday, April 8, 2019

A to Z Challenge - 2019 - G is for Gift Card Holders

We begin week two of the A to Z Challenge with the letter G.  I am using it to show my Gift Card Holders.  Giving someone a gift card to Starbucks or really anywhere has become a normal thing to do nowadays.  When I worked at Michaels whenever someone bought a gift card they asked if we had holders for them.  We didn't always.

Here are some examples of a few different types I've made:

Around Christmas time I made these cute ones.  As you can see, there is a brad holding the top on and if you swivel it, you can slip a gift card in the pocket.

Isn't he cute?

These are called Slider cards because you pull on the ribbon and the card slides apart to reveal two sides, one for a message and one for the gift card.

The slider cards are not in the Etsy site at the moment since Christmas has passed but I will be making more of them for baby gifts and birthday gifts so stay tuned!

For birthdays, I made some in the shape of cakes and ice cream cones:

I just realized that these could even be used for wedding gifts.  I would leave off the candle and add another layer to the cake part or put a wedding topper on instead of the candle.  Watch for something like that to show up too! 

I used some textured paper on the cones for some of these and it really gives it a "waffle cone" feel. 

And for those people who give Starbucks cards, there are some in the shape of mugs:

All of these have special envelopes that I have made out of coordinating papers.  They can also be custom made if you like particular colors or want something stamped on the front. 

Hopefully you are enjoying these examples of the different things you can do with card making.  I know I am enjoying visiting all kinds of interesting bloggers during this challenge. 

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  1. I love love love your gift card holders! Fun, unique, and creative!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Deborah. I can't wait to make some new designs.

  3. Hello, those are a good idea and the coffee gift card holders would be super nice to give to someone for their Starbucks or Tim Hortons' c'mon. I am canadian *winks :). I like the waffle cones too. They are neat.
    Jackie's Bookbytes Letter G

  4. Hi Jackie! Yes, I'm sure a Tim Horton's would work just as well. You could even write a check or slip actual money in them! Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to go visit you now.

  5. How adorable are those card holders? Well done!

    1. Hi Tamara! Thanks. I am looking forward to making some different ones too now that I have more room.


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