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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A to Z Challenge - 2019 - I is for Ideas

"But Janet, where do you get all your ideas for these cards and things you make?" you may (or may not) ask.

Let me tell you! 

Some of them come from books and magazines.  I have one book that is called "A Card A Day" and I've been thinking about giving that a try, just like I did my 365 pictures. 

Most of the magazines I buy come with extras, usually stamps.  This one has some great things I can use for Father's Day cards with the motorcycle and the golf clubs.  Inside are examples of cards that they made using the stamps but usually I do my own thing. 

I liked this one because of the woman in the tub.  Lots of ideas for Mother's Day here. 

Here is a card I made using the table and chairs and the word "Relax" for the front.  The table and chairs and the Relax message are on foam tape so it adds dimension to the card.    

and on the inside I used the fishing gnome to make a retirement card.  

Some of the magazines come with inserts that have pictures you can cut out and papers that match.  If I hadn't been so busy getting the A to Z ready and moving into the studio, I would have tried to make some Easter cards with a few of these, especially the bunnies and flowers.

I also collect CDs that have pieces I can print out and make into cards or use in albums.  Some have sentiments to put inside.  Debbi Moore is one of the companies that I get them from and Paper Wishes is another.  Each one of the CD's has hundreds of designs and elements that can be adjusted to fit whatever I need.  I just got the Rock and Roll one and I'm thinking I can use some of the things in my concert album.      

So many ideas, so little time!  What inspires your creativity?   

Visit some of the other A to Z participants in this 10th Anniversary round!  You can also find them on Facebook  See you tomorrow with "J"

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    1. Yep, A to Z is good inspiration as well.

  2. Love those insert flowers - I imagine you'll have fun using them at some point. "So many ideas, so little time" - indeed! I must have a good nose for inspiration because I find it everywhere. :-)

    1. I agree, Deborah. Stay tuned for the letter "R"!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I remember you from last year - I so enjoyed your "Michaels" theme, so I'm glad to be reminded about your fun blog. I'm off to see what else you've posted this month.

    1. Hi Wendy! I remember you from last year too. Glad you liked the Michaels theme. Hope this one is entertaining/informative as well!


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