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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Just Jot It January - 2019 #SoCS

Our prompt today for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday/Just Jot It January is “sap/sep/sip/sop/sup.”  

The point of the Stream of Consciousness is to let it flow without too much thought or correction so here goes:

I'm a sap for cutesy things so when my daughter called and asked if she should buy an owl Christmas decoration I said, "Sure."  Owls have become my new favorite, I don't know why.  I still love koala's but isn't this guy cute?

This owl and his buddy, an elephant, have been outside on our front porch as part of our display but guess what?  It's raining cats and dogs today and no one else is home so I had to get sopping wet bringing them inside.  Mr. Owl and Mr. Elephant are now sitting in the middle of the hallway getting warm and dry.  

Since my husband is out of town also, the cat (he calls her Puppy because she follows him around) and I are alone.  This is her waking me up in the morning with the insistence that is it time for her to have breakfast.  Normally this is SEP (which I just learned today means Somebody Else's Problem and I really like that so I'm sure I'm gonna be using it more!) but now it is apparently MP (my problem) so I had to get up and feed her.  

Since I was up, I got my coffee and had a few sips while I was reading everyone else's offerings for today.  There's some really good stuff out there.  

Finally, I got this set of stamps recently and I can't wait to start making some cards and things.  My son says, "Sup?" all the time so it reminds me of him.  Not that he looks like any of these guys really, just that he says the word - lol.     

Image result for tim Holtz stamps sup

I think they are hilarious.  I'll bet I could make SEP work with them too! 

Okay, there you have it.  Hopefully you followed the ramble to here.  Please stop by some of the other participants in today's 

See you tomorrow for Song Lyric Sunday and you can't wait!


  1. Yep I'm liking the idea of SEP a lot too! lol. And currently I'm catsitting so I know the feeling of being told it's breakfast time even when I just want to turn over and catch a bit more sleep!

    1. Today she made me get up and once I did and fed her she went back to lay on the bed!

  2. I love Owls! what a cute decoration to have out!!

    1. It is totally cute. It lights up but not very well, at least in my opinion. I think it looks just as cool the way it is. Might have to keep it as a decoration for my new crafting shed!


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