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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Just Jot It January - 2019

Well, I'm here to testify that the last few weeks have been pretty crazy. January started off fairly quietly with my husband and my daughter out of the house and me having the place to myself.  I should have been smart enough to try to get ahead by prepping some posts so that when the month really got going I'd be ahead of the game but you know I'm kinda slow on the uptake sometimes.

I've written that I am juggling lots of transcription work right now and that's a good thing because we just got word that the dirty (relatively speaking) part of the construction is going to start on our shed.  They are scheduled to come out tomorrow to do the foundation forming and laying the concrete.  Of course, right now it is raining so if they are still able to do it, muddy might be a better word.

The whole reason for the shed is that our son will be moving back home for a while.  It is so difficulty to live on your own nowadays, especially where we live.  He has been living with some friends for about 2-1/2 years now and I know that coming home is going to be a transition for him - the whole, "our house, our rules" kinda thing.  I'm sure he wishes he could live in the shed but that would have required a different set of permits and a much higher cost so that's why I'm moving my craft room out there.  I think I'm going to have a bit more room than this.  Maybe I'll need to get more stuff to fill it - LOL not!

My one-liner is: 

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance."  Alan W. Watts

Mr. Watts sounds like a smart guy.  To help keep me dancing through it all, during the month of February I'm going to be taking a class with Jamie Ridler called Awakening.  Awakening is a way to bring dance into your daily life.  Jamie is such a great creative coach and I have taken a lot of her offerings, like the Vision Cards I make at the beginning of each year.  She is always coming up with new and fun things to do.

The last prompt for #JusJoJan is to share your favorite part of last month or last year.  I'm taking that to mean the month of January, not December.  My favorite part of last month is that my picture was the first entry into Jamie's Winter Bulletin Board Art Invitational and so it gets to be in her video every Tuesday and Friday:

The theme is neighborhood and this is what I see when I look out our front window - minus the snow.  I made it using stamps and coloring them in and some stickers.  The train above the houses is really what I see since they elevated the platform a few years ago.  You can see that in the video I shared about the holiday train.

And that's the end of Just Jot It January.  I know I cheated a bit with the last two posts by cramming more than one prompt in but overall I think I made it work.  I know that February is going to bring a few new experiences and you know I'll share!

Thanks to Linda G. Hill for hosting all month.  She's had some trials of her own going on.



  1. Hi, Janet - I love the Alan W. Watts' quote. It is fabulous advice.
    Thank you for sharing your month with us.

    1. Thanks, Donna. Sometimes I think it's just a bunch of drivel and who cares? I just happened to find that quote and now I need to read some more of his stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. It's hard to post every single day - I missed a few too. It's going to take a while to move all your crafting stuff into its new home but I bet you're excited.

    1. Very excited! I have a little while to go so I'm planning my strategy for the big move!


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