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Monday, January 14, 2019

Just Jot It January - 2019 - Reflection

Today's #JusJoJan prompt is "Reflection" as suggested by the lovely Janet...wait, that's ME!  I almost forgot about it and then I started seeing all these pingbacks in my emails.  Yikes!

Reflection can be taken many ways and even I wasn't sure where I was going with it but then I remembered this art journaling project I did last year.  The exercise was called "The Face In The Mirror.    

I'd been going through some of those "I wish I was still in my twenties" feelings and I happened to come across this picture.  

It was taken at a Western Themed party we had given and I was a saloon girl. Those were my wild and crazy days.  I am about 26 or so.  

To make me "feel better" I tried to recreate the image in the present day.  That didn't really make me feel all that better.

I realize it is kind of impossible to look like that anymore because I've had surgery on my mouth to correct a TMJ problem, I'm 30 years older give or take and have had three kids.  I decided to take a multiple reflection photo and when I looked at the picture that came out, it seemed to me that the deeper in the mirror the reflection went, the younger I looked!

Here's the journal page I wrote about it.  

I reflected on the fact that even though the younger version of me looks happy, I had just gone through a divorce and was wondering if I would ever really find my Mr. Right.  The older version has a happy marriage and 3 great kids, so "looks" can be deceiving.   

Coincidentally, we were visiting my daughter and in the backyard of the house she was renting while at college there was this rose.  I think it looks just like the one in my hair. 

Thanks to all who played along with my prompt today.  It has been fun reading what every one else did with the word.  

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