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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Just Jot It January - 2019 #SoCS - Art

Now I am 2 days behind so there may be a flurry of posts from me!  I missed the #JusJoJan for Thursday, which was "flew/flu/flue.  I started a new temporary job where I actually have to go to an office and work rather than doing the work from home.  The day "flew" by and it made me realize that I am going to have to figure out a new routine if I want to get everything done.

It is a medical transcription job and because of the confidentiality issues, I am in a locked room all by myself.  When I got there, the temperature in the room was sub-freezing (or seemed that way) and the coordinator I am working with had gotten a space heater for the floor beside my desk.  I was slightly prepared since the last time I had been in this office it was cold so I wore warm clothes and a scarf but I had to keep putting my hands down in front of the heater in order to be able to type.  I hope I don't get the "flu" from working there.

Sadly, the house we bought has no chimney so I have no "flue."  We did when I was growing up and in the house we rented before this one.  I loved a good fire on a wintery day.

Saturday's Just Jot It January and Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is "Art."  We have some pictures on our wall but not very much "art."  My favorite piece is the caricature that my husband and I had done on the occasion of our 30th anniversary:

My husband thinks his face is too fat.  I think I look just like my depiction.  The kids say it doesn't look like him because he is smiling - LOL.  He is my knight in shining armor.

What I'd really like to talk about though is Art Journaling.  A few years ago I took a class from Sara Naumann called "Kick Start Art Journaling" and had a lot of fun with the different exercises.  Here are some of them:

The first one was to pick an imaginary mentor.  I chose Stevie Nicks.

Another on was to find your favorite book and pick some words and then do word associations.  I chose the book "Little Women."

With the end of the exercise to make a poem with the words.  My poem: 

Almost always pleasant reveries
of jolly days gone by...
yet once in a while
a sad lament
for jolly days gone by.   

I've taken other Art Journaling classes as well with Liz Lamoreux and I always am amazed at the things I discover just by putting some words and pictures together.  

I still have a two lessons to finish.  The next one is music and since Dance is my word for this year, I'm going to try to make time to get that one done too. 

What do you think of my poem?  Ever try Art Journaling?  These classes are great ones to get started with if it interests you. 


  1. Great catch up! Good thing you were prepared for the job. Love the caricature.

    1. Thanks Wendy! It helps when I can combine the two prompts once in a while!


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