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Saturday, July 28, 2018

July-Jinks - 2018 #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Today's prompt from Linda G. Hill is "T, tea, tee" 

We just got back from our most recent Travel experience, visiting the in-laws in Oregon.  Our next planned vacation is not until September when we head for Boulder Creek so that my husband can play in the annual golf tournament he started with one of his friends.  There are lots of tees around then for sure.  Sometimes it is really hot and a tee shirt is all you need but I've been down there when the weather is chilly and more layers are definitely needed.

While at my mother-in-law's I was able to continue my habit of drinking some tea before bed, although she doesn't have the variety that I have here at home.  She did have some mint, which she doesn't like, so I drank that to get it out of her hair.  I really like the cranberry tea but haven't been able to find it lately.  I also like lemon, peach and raspberry. 

The biggest T that has happened around here is that our daughter has just been hired to be a Teacher's Assistant at a local elementary school!!  They hired her really quickly and even though she has not taught before, they counted the degree in Psychology that she obtained as a year's experience.  We knew that college would pay off! 

One final T before I go, my Sketchbook is in Toronto this weekend as part of the Sketchbook Project Mobile Library.  If you are in that area, stop by and check my book out!  

How about you...have a favorite Tea flavor?  Doing some Traveling?  Like a particular kind of golf tees?  Love to hear about it!  Make sure to go visit some of the other participants in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday gang. 


  1. Hey Janet,
    Happy Sunday! Hope your summer is going along just fine and that you're having fun. Your recent trip to Oregon sounds like fun. Especially the weather! You know me, I'm always bitching this time of year about the ungodly heat. Your upcoming trip to Boulder Creek will be nice also. That part of the country has always called to me and one of these days I will make a trip out there.

    I like the Yogi teas and have several here but kinda forgot about tea until just now that you mentioned it. I don't think I've ever tried the cranberry flavor. I love me some cranberry sauce...any time of year!

    You must be so proud of your daughter. What a testament to her talents, getting hired on so quickly to be a teacher's assistant! That is very cool that they counted her coursework in psychology as work experience! When I was in my early years of college, working on my first degree (AA in Liberal Arts/Social Sciences) I most enjoyed the psychology courses. I took both Intro and Abnormal Psych, which was fascinating! I remember taking the final in the Psych course and was overjoyed to score a 100 on it. I just really dig the study of the human psyche.

    And Congrats on your Sketchbook being in the traveling exhibit! How cool is that, that people all over the country, and now in Toronto, are getting to see up close and personal your works!

    The Stream of Consciousness blog hop sounds like fun. I should join in. I keep saying that soon my life will slow down and allow me to spend more time blogging but it just never seems to work out that way. I should be looking forward to retirement at this stage but being self-employed with no 401k's or retirement benefits on the horizon I just don't see that I'll ever be able to stop working, which is a little depressing. Well, more than a little really. I guess I'll be picking up dog poop until my end of days... :)

    I enjoyed your SoCS today. Enjoy your Sunday. Hope you have the day off...

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi Michele! Thanks so much for stopping by. You should totally do SoCS. That and Song Lyric Sunday are two new ones that I've been doing recently. We are very proud of our little girl who totally handled this college thing on her own. The only thing she ever asked us for was to sign papers but we were never involved in any of the class selections or anything. She was totally focused. I am crossing my fingers that I get a notice that someone looked at my book. I'm not sure exactly how many are traveling right now but I know there are 40,000 total at the library! I've been self-employed for almost 20 years now and I totally understand what you mean about retirement. Fortunately I worked in a medical office for 25 years before starting my own business so I do have social security and an annuity to help us through. God, I've been working for 45 years??? Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Nice SoCS Janet - you covered a lot of bases! How great your daughter has found a TA position - I hope she has lots of fun. I drink lots of teas, but my current favorite is a Vanilla Orchid that is flavored with a bit of toasted coconut. It makes a lovely iced tea.

    1. Thanks Deborah! We are very happy for her. I don't like coconut but I do like vanilla. I'm going to have to try more iced teas I think.


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