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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July-Jinks - 2018 #31SRW Photography Challenge

So today in the 31 day photography challenge Shelley gives us the prompt of Clutter.  While food and clouds gave me a challenge I couldn't overcome, clutter is pure simplicity for me!

It seems like everywhere I look in our house there is clutter.  I know we are not the only ones who feel that way because I hear a lot of talk about people going minimalist and there are a lot of folks my age looking to downsize.

We've slowly been trying to take steps to repurpose some of the things we no longer hold dear.  I've started a collection of things we may use for a garage/yard sale this summer.   

In addition to this batch, there are 2 more plastic containers in my closet and I haven't even gone through MY clothes yet!

How much space we will have when these things are gone remains to be seen.  I have a feeling that no matter what it is still going to look like we have a lot of stuff.  If we are able to sell some things, that would be a bonus.  If not, I'll call the local charity and have them come and pick it all up.  

I don't know if taking all the color out makes it look any less cluttery. 

Some may consider this clutter too, but to me it is artist at work.

I'm making a baby album and when I am deep in the process, things are everywhere. 

In this instance, I think making it black and white makes it look a little bit more organized.  

I did make a bag of crafty items that I know I won't use to give to our friends who are coming over today to watch the safe and sane fireworks we are allowed to shoot off.  She is a teacher and I know that supplies are sometimes hard to come by so win-win for both of us!  How about you?  Got clutter?  Trying to downsize? 

Thanks again to Shelley at Quaint Revival for organizing this little picture program.  Have a happy 4th to all in the USA.  

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