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Thursday, March 1, 2018

March Meanderings - 2018 - Reading Challenge Update

Well, February is done and March came in with a bunch of rain on and off for the next few days.  We have a trip to Reno scheduled for next week so I am hoping it calms down just a bit so we can make it through the mountains without difficulty. 

I finished the Sherlock Holmes book, How To Think Like Sherlock and, just as the reviewers noted, it was kind of fluff.  Mostly things like observation, clues for how to remember things and how to make deductions based on evidence.  There were a few quizzes to take and brain twisters, some of which I was able to decipher and some not.  Since I read it right before bed when my mind was not as sharp as it could have been, I'll keep it on the shelf for a while and perhaps give the challenges another try.

For my next book I'm going with Intrusions by Ursula Hegi:

It's the story of a female writer whose life as a wife and mother merge with the characters in the story she is writing.  Even though I am not a "writer" I am certainly familiar with the ways that being a wife and mother can intrude on my work since I work from home in my kitchen :)  I'm using it to fill my "Book about feminism" category on the PopSugar Challenge.  

I wanted to pick an easy looking book since I am about to participate in my blogging friend, James J. Cudney's Agatha Christie Readathon.  You may remember that Jay is the one who wrote such a wonderful review of my Etsy shop and the cards he purchased from me.  During the month of April he is sponsoring an Agatha Christie readathon of four books.  I've never done a readathon but I really love Agatha and think that this would be a fun thing to do.  I am hoping I can keep up since April is also the A to Z Challenge!

March is going to be a month of meandering from place to place in preparation for the April challenges.  Hope you come along and if you'd like to join in on the A to Z or Jay's Agatha Christie readathon, it would be marvelous to have you!  

My hubby and I had to meander the Streets of San Francisco yesterday for an appointment with the Workers' Compensation judge (things are looking good!)  On the way I saw this:

I thought it fit in very nicely with my post from yesterday about painting butterflies on the walls of our house.  I am a big believer in The Butterfly Affect!

And there you have it.  

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