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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March Meandering - 2018 - Escapist Coloring Club Edition

Our friend Linda G. Hill sent a reminder that there was still time to join the Escapist Coloring Club for March so here are my two offerings.  Since it is my birthday month and I am Pisces, I have some fishy projects.

It is so relaxing to color and I am looking forward to baseball season because that is when I can sit and color while I watch the game on TV.  I got a nifty new swivel lap desk too so it makes it so much easier to color projects like this.  It is from Totally Tiffany and it is called the Rotating Design Board.   It comes in a couple of different sizes but I have the 12 x 12 size.  There is a giant clip on the top to hold your project plus I have the magnetic mat so I can use small magnets to hold things down on it.  You can see my current project is nice and secure.   

There are ball bearings in the center and it swivels just like a lazy Susan does.  

It really makes coloring or any kind of crafting or writing very easy.  No, I am not an affiliate of Totally Tiffany, just like her products and thought I'd share with fellow colorers!  As Linda says, it's not too late to add your project to the group!  Love to see what others are coloring.  


  1. Love your colouring projects, Janet! And that board is awesome. What a great idea!
    Thanks so much for joining in. :D

    1. Thanks Linda! Thank you for the reminder to share :)


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