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Friday, March 2, 2018

March Meanderings - 2018 - Full Moon Edition

We had the full moon last night and I was only able to get these shots when I was leaving work:

I took them with my iPhone and actually they are pretty cool I think.  But, I sent my husband a message as I always do to let him know that I am on my way home and I asked him to snap a couple of pictures of the moon too because I knew that by the time I got home the clouds may have covered it completely and I might miss my chance.  His response to me was "Way ahead of you my dear.  Gotta live up to my Facebook reputation that you put out there."  He had taken these:

and these:

Isn't he the greatest?  Guess I'll keep him around for another 33 years or so. 

Tomorrow is Scrapbook Expo that I will be going to with my niece, Donna.  We missed the one in Santa Clara last summer so we are so excited to get to this one.  Cross your fingers that we win the Golden Ticket!  Did you see the moon?  Make any wishes to the Universe?  She listens!


  1. Being the moon lover/lunardaughter that I am, I always look forward to seeing your moon photos. And how fun your husband surprised you with his participation. He does sound like a keeper. :-)

    1. Yes he is...besides after almost 34 years it would be too hard to train someone new LOL.


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