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Monday, May 8, 2017

#A to Z Challenge Reflection

Well, I almost managed to complete the A to Z for my second year.  I did have to skip a few letters because I forgot how long my "Creative Process" can take and I didn't quite get the scrapbooking done in time.  Rather than give up, though, I chose to skip those letters and I may take the next month to add them in.

Just in case you missed one, here are my posts, in reverse order:

Z is for ZZ-Top
Y is for "You Shook Me All Night Long" by ACDC
X is for Bone Bash XI
W is for Who
V is for Van Halen 
U is for "Urgent" by Foreigner
T is for Tina Turner
S is for Sade
R is for Rod Stewart.
Q is for "Quit Playing Games with my Heart" by the Backstreet Boys
P is for Prince
O is for "Old Time Rock and Roll."
N is for Stevie Nicks
M is for Paul McCartney
L is for Loverboy
K is for Kihncert
J is for Journey
I is for "I Am...I Said" by Neil Diamond
H is for Huey Lewis and the News
G is for Genesis
F is for Fleetwood Mac
E is for Elton John
D is for Def Leppard
C is for Cher
B is for Bon Jovi
A is for Adele

Notable other bloggers from the A to Z this year for me were:

Our leader and founder, Arlee Bird with Tossing It Out who talked about Time.
John Holton from The Sound of One Hand Typing had some really good word play again this year.
Deborah Weber at Temenos of the Blessing Light talked about Pronoia (quiety, serenity and peace).
I got a Hockey instruction from Scarlett79.
Josie Two Shoes shared a story of 26 women in a small community using only six sentences in each episode.
J. Lenni Dorner captivated me with the story of telepathy.
I saw Dorky Mom Doodles by Erika.
AnneMBray showed us watercolor effects on the trucks she sees on her commute.
Doree Weller talked about some really interesting characters in books.
Iain Kelly wrote a story using the letters from a children's puzzle.
Leslie Moon showed us Uganda.
Cathy sketched her way through the alphabet.
Lisa at Tales from the Love Shaque gave us hair bands.
Natalie at There She Goes gave us some more great music to listen to.
Outside Perceptions showed us some great movies.
The Plagued Parent used Calvin and Hobbs to enlighten us.
Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead gave us her perspectives.

If you get a chance, it would definitely be worth your while to check them out if you haven't seen them.  I know I will be revisiting them during the coming months to catch some letters that I missed.

There was a bit of a commotion when the challenge was announced this year as there was not going to be the usual "link-up" post.  I read that a few of the regulars were not going to be participating because of this.  I, for one, did not notice any significant difference without the link up.  I did manage to learn how to put a link to my posts in my signature so that when I commented on other people's posts they could find me in return.  It worked most of the time.  I did forget a few times to link my posts on the main Facebook page and more often forgot to link on the A to Z main page, but that was my issue.  Actually, I felt the original linky was a bit intimidating with all the different links.  Using Facebook, I could get a better sense of what the blog was about.

I forgot to play the bingo game put up by co-host J. Lenni Dorner, but if there is one next year I definitely will try to play.  I am going to be more prepared next year so that I can finish all the letters, but I'm pretty okay with the way things turned out.

Thank you SO much to all who stopped by and left me a comment.  It is so much fun to see the notices that I've had visitors.

How about you?  Finish?  Did you play the bingo game?  Ready for next year?


  1. I thought you did an awesome job with your A to Z posts! They were colorful and creative, and interesting! I completed the Challenge and I agree with you that the new link-up system via comments worked fine. Better than the long signup list of previous years for sure. I didn't play bingo, I was busy enough just trying to keep up with posting and comments! See you next year, but I'll still be following your blog in the meantime! :-)

  2. A very impressive job Janet, and I like your idea of filling in those few skipped letters now that there isn't the pressing time crunch.

    And thank you for your list of notable bloggers - you've listed several I didn't know about and will be checking out. I have the feeling I'll be discovering a lot more delightful bloggers I missed in the craziness of April. I certainly appreciate your mention of me as well - thank you!

    1. Deborah, it would be horrible of me not to mention you as your love of abecedarium's is what led me to the A to Z last year!

  3. You did a great job with your theme. Glad that our experiment of going without a list worked for you. I didn't have any problem with it either, but after all when I started that first Challenge I didn't have a list to work with then either so I guess I'm used to doing it that way.

    I did not put up my daily link on the A to Z Blog page or the A to Z FB page, but it didn't matter. Guess I had an advantage though.

    I've got a theme ready for next year, but I'll probably change it as we get closer to next April like I've done the past few years.

    Thanks for the Reflections and for helping to make the A to Z Challenge great!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks Arlee! I think I finally figured out how to do the signature link too!

  4. I, too, am glad you included links to other blogs since there were some I didn't recognize. I only linked up on the A to Z home page and didn't bother with linking with FB so I might have missed some bloggers who exclusively linked there. (I deactivated my FB account a year and a half ago and didn't want to reactivate and get sucked back in. hahaha)

    1. Trudy, I know what you mean about Facebook and don't blame you for not wanting to get sucked in again. I am using it less and less but I don't have a twitter so I don't go there.

  5. How I missed your blog during the challenge I can't imagine - it's right up my street. I've just read few entries including Paul McCartney. I once chatted with him whilst standing at neighbouring urinals at the gents in Buckingham Palace! Don't ask! I'll be back that's for sure.

    1. How exciting! Glad you found me now, come back anytime!

  6. I like the fact you didn't give up when you missed a day and just got back into it - it's meant to be fun after all :)

    1. Thanks Debbie. I figured I may as well put up the ones I had ready and try to get the other ones up soon as I can.


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