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Friday, April 7, 2017

April 2017 - #Atozchallenge - Flying to F

F is for Fleetwood Mac

This is another band that we have seen a few times.  The first time was way back in 2003 and I took NO pictures.  I used the cover of the new album they were promoting at the time (Say You Will) to make the page.  Christine McVie had stopped touring with them.

The next time we saw them was in 2009.  It was the day after our 25th anniversary, so we treated ourselves to the show.

We each have our favorite songs.  My husband loves Lindsay Buckingham's Big Love.

Stevie Nicks is my idol and I love her Gold Dust Woman.  I thought the swirls in the paper matched with her performance of this song, so mysterious and fluid.  It gives me chills every time she gets her shawl out for this number.  

John McVie is such a quiet stage presence that it is hard to get him on camera.

Mick Fleetwood can play those drums!

I love Stevie in her top hat.  

We saw them again but I don't have those pictures printed or the layouts made yet.  Maybe I will have to do this theme again next year.  Christine McVie was back with them and that changed the whole show.  

That's "F" for you.  Hope you are enjoying the A to Z!

You can click over to the main A to Z Challenge page to see what other participants have come up with for this letter, and come back to see what G has for us!


  1. Janet, I'm not a concert goer but I do like Fleetwood Mac. DD#2 saw Stevie Nicks perform in town a couple of years ago and she shared one of her pix with me. It was pretty cool. In fact, she was pretty close to her when she got the shot. Nice scrapbook pages! Thanks for visiting Art Sketching Through the Alphabet featuring the letter “F” for fence, frog, fox, & funny face.

    1. How exciting for your daughter! Stevie is so cool. Loving your sketches!

  2. There are lots of their songs enjoy, but they aren't one of my favorite groups.
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. I get that. Thanks for stopping by, Barbara!

  3. I've been a Fleetwood Mac fan I guess since about 1970, before Buckingham/Nicks. My oldest daughter took me to see them for Father's Day in I think it was maybe 2008 or so. One of the last really big concerts I've attended. Good show.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I don't know them before Buckinham/Nicks. Even though they sing a lot of the same songs at each show, it still is fun. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, Arlee!

  4. Stevie Nicks, the Queen of Rock 'n Roll. Hard to believe she's in her late 60's now.

    Amble Bay's Village Hall!

    1. I know! I just love her. Thanks for stopping by, Keith.


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