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Monday, April 3, 2017

April 2017 - #Atozchallenge - Beginning with B

Being perfectly honest here I'm probably not as prepared for this challenge as I would like to be and, as I have stated before, I am seriously behind in my scrapbooking of the concerts since I am just finishing the year 2009!  However, I also think that rather than just slap something together because of the challenge, I'm going to work with what I have, just as I did when I was going to the concerts.  After all, I can always do this for the challenge again next year and showcase my more recent work, right?

In the beginning I didn't have a very good camera and it had relatively NO zoom so the picture quality and quantity were not very good.  Still, with a little imagination and help from scrapbooking supplies, I managed to capture the essence of the show.

For B I am using Bon Jovi.  This is a band that we have seen 3 times now so I know I have better pictures, but this was the first time we saw him, in April of 2008 during his Lost Highway tour.  I didn't even have my routine down yet and there are no pictures of us!

The top right picture is a tag they were giving out at the concert.  The other two pictures are of a T-shirt that we bought from some vendors in the street after the show.  

I don't always take pictures of the opening acts because most of the time they are little-known local talents and I am not usually impressed.  Opening for Bon Jovi on this tour, however, was Daughtry and I really like him.  Still, from our seats, these were the best pictures I could get.  I did remember to get the set list for him.  The strip in the middle of the page was made using this punch from EK Success and I used some of the "outies" in the upper right corner:

Just as my picture taking had not developed yet, my scrapbooking style was pretty simple as well.  I didn't have as many supplies and I think I lose just a little inspiration when I know the pictures are not the best.  Inside the little circles are rhinestone dots to add a bit of sparkle to the page.

These two pages are made using overlays, so all the black lines are actually like a frame and I just put the pictures in the different openings.

I can still remember this show very clearly though because one section over from where we were sitting, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora came and stood in the middle of the crowd to sing "You Want to Make a Memory" and it was exciting to be so close.  Those are the pictures with Jon in the blue shirt.  

If you caught the post for the letter "A", you can see that each concert is quite different.  Adele had 10 pages and this first Bon Jovi show had only 5.  Excellent memories for both though!  So, there you have B.  Make sure to click on one of my "follow" buttons if you want to catch the rest of my alphabet and don't forget to click over to the main A to Z Challenge page to see what other participants have come up with for this letter.  Wonder what C has for us?        


  1. Your scrapbooks seem to allow you to revisit the concerts :)

    B is for Borneo

    Anne Young

    Anne's family history

  2. It can be interesting to look back at things from the perspective of where you were and where you are now. So it's kind of a double benefit of reviewing your memories isn't it? BTW - good for you for finding a way to play in the challenge that keeps it fun and doesn't add more stress or pressure.

    1. Yes, Deborah. I was panicking at first that I wasn't going to have time but if I use ones I've already done and the Sundays for prep, I should be fine.

  3. I love the page layouts. While I like my photos to be as "good" as possible, I really take pictures because they help me remember the event. These photos seem to bring you right back to the concert - and all the wonderful emotions surrounding it.

    My A-Z post for the day:
    Journaling: B = Brainstorming

    1. Yes and a couple of times a "bad" picture is really a great picture!

  4. Can you believe it, I've never been to a concert!
    The are just amazing! What wonderful memories!

    1. Yolanda, I didn't go for many, many years and now I'm making up for lost time!

  5. Though I've always liked what I've heard by them, I've never kept up with Bon Jovi's music or seen them in concert. More nice work!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks, Arlee! They are one of my favorites.


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