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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Suddenly September - 2016

September 5 - "What was your most memorable birthday?" asks Bailey Jean in the Blog-Tember challenge.

I actually have two birthdays that stand out.  The first was my 28th birthday when my fiance and his friends got together and threw me a surprise birthday/engagement party.

I think you can tell by the look on my face that I was not expecting a party.  We had just gotten engaged a few days before and I thought we were just going to visit some friends to tell them the exciting news.  When we got to their house, Bill took me toward the back of the house and there, behind the curtain, literally, everyone shouted "surprise!"  

No one had ever thrown a surprise party for me before and it was a lot of fun.  

Bill made a toast to me and everyone toasted us on our engagement. 

The other memorable birthday was last year for my 60th.  Even though I have lived in California, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area, my entire life, I had never walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.  For my 60th birthday I told my family that that was what I wanted to do so early on a Sunday morning a few days after my birthday we met some friends in the parking lot on the Sausalito side of the bridge.

We started with some Mimosa's and a toast to my birthday.  

Even my 91 year old mom came.  She really didn't need the walker but wanted to bring it just in case.  

 This is looking from San Francisco to Sausalito.

We stopped halfway back and one of the friendly bridge security personnel took our group picture.  

 After the walk we went in to Sausalito and had lunch at Napa Valley Burger Company.  It was a great way to celebrate my 60th I thought.  

How about you?  Have a memorable birthday or two to share?

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  1. Hi Janet, what fabulous birthdays!! What an experience to walk across the bridge, and made doubly special because you had your lovely family & friends to share it with! Such a lovely memory to have, thank you for sharing xx
    ps: Your Mom's walker is identical to mine :) xx


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