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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Suddenly September - 2016

September 14:

Oh my goodness, half the month is almost gone already!  I can't believe the time is flying by so fast.

In yesterday's Blog-Tember Challenge we were to choose who we would like to be if we had the chance to be someone else for a day.  I'd have to say it would be Stevie Nicks.


I worked on an Art Journaling project taught by Sara Naumann a few years ago where I had to pick  a muse and I picked Stevie.  She and I have several things in common already and I just think it would be great to actually wear her clothes and live in her house for a day.  She is very devoted to several causes, one of which being our wounded servicemen and she has gone to Bethesda Naval Hospital to spend time with the soldiers in the hospital there.  She brought them iPods loaded with her favorite music.  I wouldn't want to get on stage and sing, I'm too introverted for that, but I think it would be great just to be her for a day.  

An alternate thought would be to go back to my younger self, before my dad and sister passed away, so that I could spend one more day with them.  I miss them a lot!

For today's prompt, we are to make a Mood Board.  This is something I do sometimes around the full moon.  I call them Full Mood Dreamboards and learned to make them from Jamie Ridler.

This is the album I keep them in.  I don't make them every month but I do believe in their power, especially if you "offer them up" on the full moon (which this month is the 16th).

If you notice, one of the first ones I did in the bottom left hand corner is a picture of the Workbox I wanted to be able to have in my craft room.  I now have that and am loving it!

This one is about focusing on my goals and it ties in perfectly with my word of the year this year, which is Focus, and also with the organization of our house.

I made this board in 2013 so obviously the things may not "come true" right away, but I really believe that if you put your heart's desires out in the Universe, magical things can happen.  This full moon is the Full Harvest Moon and it asks, "What dreams do you want to bring to life?"  The Dreamboard I have started looks like this:

I am still longing for more organization and fixing up of our little house but I am also looking for some calm serenity.  We've had a few rough years with lots of things going on with my husband's health and other family issues and I long for the days when we won't have to worry about any of that anymore.  Over the next few days I'll finish the board so that by the full moon on the 16th I'l be ready to release the intention to the Universe.  Crazy?  I don't think so.  Try it sometime! Make sure to visit the other bloggers participating in the Blog-tember Challenge and see what their boards look like. 


  1. Stevie Nicks is a good choice imho. Her hair, her clothes, her voice-- and most of all her spirit. I can see you morphing into her.

    I've never heard of making a mood board to offer up to the full moon, but I like the idea. Suppose I can throw something together today? Certainly the moon isn't fussy about the quality of the mood board, just the sincere intent! ;-)

    1. Absolutely, Ally! I have made several of mine even the night of the full moon. Technically, you have about 3 days where the timing is still good, the day before, the day of and the day after. Then the moon starts to shrink again. You should try it!

  2. Hi Janet, I absolutely love the idea of making the moon boards and yours look fabulous! I'd so love to try some of my own, huggles xxx

  3. What a fun question - I'm not sure who I'd choose, but Stevie is certainly a great choice. And how fun to get a peek at some of your dremaboards. I hope you got a chance to do one for yesterday's full moon, and I certainly hope all your wishes come true.

  4. Stevie Nicks is a very cool woman. Good choice. Your dreambook is clever. Hope the dreams come true and especially good health.