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Friday, June 26, 2020

June Journeys – 2020

LA over at Wakinguponthewrongsideof50 gives us this quiz today. 

  1. Favorite kind of vacation:  It’s been so long since I went on a real vacation I don’t remember what they are like.  I’d like to go on a cruise and/or a long train trip but I won’t know if they would be a favorite until I try one.
  2. Favorite Flower: I don’t have one favorite.  I go more by colors, I love a bright multicolored bouquet.  IMG_0562
  3. Favorite Football Team: Don’t really care about football but love the Cowboy’s uniforms.
  4. Favorite Children’s Show:  That I watched was Romper Room and Charlie and Humphrey.  That I watched with the kids was Sesame Street and The Elephant Show.
  5. Favorite Perfume/cologne:  Not really a perfume wearer but I do like the smell of Jovan White Musk.
  6. Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday
  7. Favorite Flavor Starburst: Lemon
  8. Favorite Cartoon Cat: Snagglepuss, if I can call a cougar a cat.  “Heavens to Murgatroyd!”
  9. Favorite Music Genre:  Rock and roll, but not heavy metal.
  10. Favorite Car: I love driving and used to have a sports car but at this stage in my life I want something I can be up a little higher in.   Scan+1.jpeg

Still figuring out the WP thing but I think I have gotten the hang of how to delete the duplicate posts and the photos that go with them and that is freeing up some space, it’s just time consuming.  Fortunately most of the months I only post a handful of times.  The really hard ones are the months when I did a challenge like the A to Z.  So, tell me some of your favorites.

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  1. Hi, Janet!

    It's good to see you, dear friend! How's Benny? Still doing two walks per day?

    Several of your favorites match mine. For years Mrs. Shady and I have been planning a train trip across Canada. We think it would be delightful to see the Canadian countryside from coast to coast. I love the burst of bright colors in that bouquet, a work of art from one of your coloring books, I assume. As a child I watched Romper Room hosted by Miss Nancy. When she looked into the camera through her magic glass and said "I see Tommy" my heart always leaped. :) I like lemon flavored anything and I love rock & roll and heavy metal, so put another dime in the jukebox. It's nice to again see that cool picture of you posing beside your sporty red car years ago.

    I'm happy to know you are working through your problems with Wordpress. A few weeks ago I switched over to the new Blogger interface and all is well so far.

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Janet!

    1. Hey there friend Shady! I know what you mean about Miss Nancy. She said "Janet" once and I was so excited. I can see that I may need to adjust the pictures from WordPress because that coloring page is pretty big. There is a train trip I saw that goes up the West Coast from Seattle to LA and back which I think would be a fun one. It's on the list for when we can start moving around again (and when we have enough money - LOL). Have a magnificent weekend. Thanks for stopping by good buddy!

  2. One of my favourite holidays was a cruise. It was lovely going to different places without having to contstantly unpack and repack our suitcases! Not sure I'd want to do one until the Covid-19 situation is more under control.

    1. Very true, Wendy! Where did you cruise to?


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