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Friday, July 26, 2019

Juicy July 2019 - Getting ready for August Break

For several years I've participated in Susannah Conway's August Break and this one looks like another good one.  Here are the prompts and feel free to link up if you want to join in the fun. 

I'm glad to see the prompts so early.  It makes it much easier to plan. 

In other news, I got an email that my Sketchbook Vol. 14 is heading to San Francisco in September!  It will be at Off The Grid at Fort Mason on September 20 and at San Francisco Center For The Book on September 22.  How fun it will be to go visit my book! 

It will be in LA too and may make other stops along the way.  I am waiting for notification that it has been digitalized.  Then it can be viewed online like my other one is.  So far that one has been viewed 909 times!  Seven people have checked it out and held it in their hands!  That's pretty exciting to me. 

What's up in your plans for next month?  Join me and take some pictures for August Break? 


  1. How exciting about your sketchbook! The picture idea sounds fun. Not sure I'd be able to stick with it for the whole month but even just writing about the prompts would be an improvement on my blogging lately. I definitely need something to give me a kick start.

    1. Wendy, that's why I do it. Helps to get those juices flowing. Join along, any or all.


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