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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Juicy July - 2019 - #SoCS Clean/Dirty

Well, Linda's prompt today's Stream of Consciousness Saturday is Clean/Dirty.  Typically Saturday is a day for cleaning house, at least when I was working an outside job Monday through Friday.  Not so much anymore since I work from home and can clean any time I feel like it...does anyone ever really feel like it?  If so, come on over!

I'd like to know who's idea it was to get a white dog when we have a brown carpet and even though my daughter is trying her hardest, Benny doesn't seem to get the concept of picking up his toys and putting them away when he is finished playing.

One of his favorites is a little Lamb Chop stuffed animal that our son got for him.  He loves that thing.

Which also means it is the dirtiest one.  Believe me, I've already washed it twice and I'm afraid there's no hope for it.  

And then there is my favorite Foreigner, Kelly Hansen, singing "Dirty White Boy."  

Can't you just hear the ladies screaming when he does this?  Add a little shake and oh my goodness!  

That's where my consciousness is today.  How about yours? 


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