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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Juicy July - 2019 - The Sketchbook Project, Vol. 14 - City Streets

I just went online to check and my Sketchbook about City Streets has now gone digital!  I am not as pleased with the way it was photographed as compared to the last one I did but still, it is fun to see my work on the internet for all to admire - LOL

Here is the link so you can see it too.

I just realized they skipped a page too.  Here is the page they missed:

Update:  They missed this page too!

Maybe they'll re-do it for me before it goes on the road trip or even after it comes back.  Anyway, if you have time, check it out.  I love to see the number of online views grow!   

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  1. This is a very good book about cityscapes and life. Love the Paris street and the Wes Anderson quote. You created a beautiful album that even has a gnome which I adore


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