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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

February Fling - 2019 Love is in da Blog - The Wedding

The prompt for today is A Wedding Song.

I can't really say "our wedding song" because when we got married we did not have a big wedding.  There were only 10 people there, including Bill and I.  It was a beautiful day and we were married on a Vista Point at Zephyr Cove, Nevada. (Doesn't that sound romantic?)

After the ceremony we went to Harrah's and had breakfast and then we all split up to go gambling.  No reception or tossing of the bouquet or garter.  None of the usual first dance things.  If we had had a traditional reception, one of the songs that we have always liked is "With You I'm Born Again" by Billy Preston and Syreeta.

When we celebrated our 25th anniversary we drove to Reno and on the way home we stopped in Zephyr Cove to visit the wedding spot.  It had changed a bit, as things do over 25 years. 

I guess so have we. 

That was 10 years ago.  I think about renewing our vows on one of the milestone anniversaries.  Maybe in five years for our 40th?  If we did that and had a party, perhaps our song would be this one:

Although I'm not sure we could dance to such a fast song, so how about this one:

What was your wedding song?  Thanks to Bee for this fun challenge.


  1. Sounds like a lovely uncomplicated wedding. I can remember almost throwing everyone's name in the air and where they landed was where they would sit when we trying to work out the seating plan lol One downside to marrying into a large family. My wedding song was "Tonight I celebrate my love for you" Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson.

    1. Yes, so much stress to plan a wedding! I love that song too.

  2. Cool share!
    Snookums and I kept it small. We didn't really have a song, per say. Just a handcrafted kind of flute played by one person we know.

    1. That sounds very nice! Sometimes smaller is better because then it's easier to remember!


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