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Monday, February 25, 2019

February Fling - 2019 The Studio - Part 2

We all know I'm a crafter.  Have been since I was young.  I have scrapbooks from my high school days.  I save things...ticket stubs, napkins, swizzle sticks, and of course pictures.  I have a lot of pictures that are in boxes and bins waiting to be put into albums.  I have even more on my computers that are not printed yet.  Don't we all?   

My first scrapbook

My first real concert

For a long time my crafty side was a bit dormant while we raised the family.  I did make some Halloween costumes, curtains for the windows and helped them with school projects so I've always had a space for "crafty things."  Most of the time it was just a couple of shelves in a closet.

Slowly but surely my crafts started to accumulate so that they would no longer fit in a closet.  Plus, I needed to have a space to work on them besides the table in the kitchen.  Any crafter knows you need to be able to leave things out when you're in the middle of a project rather than having to put everything away and then take it all out again each time you want to work on something.  So, I took over a corner of the living room as my craft area. 

That worked for a while but I still had to keep things looking kind of neat since it was the living room. 

When our daughter decided to go away to college, I took the opportunity to steal some of her room to house my collection.  My first major purchase was the Scrapbox Workbox.  I managed to get it on sale and I am so glad I did!  Hubby and I put it together and it really wasn't that difficult, just big.   

Albums and paper
TV to watch the Giants

After her second year of college our daughter moved into a townhouse near school and had a job up there so she stayed at school year round and I expanded to take over the whole room.

When our son moved out, I did a room switch and took over his room.  I really liked the brighter color on the wall and with a little rearranging, I had a great set up.

Looking in the doorway

One wall

The other wall.  
The fourth wall in the room is a closet and it is filled with my husband's baseball card collection and sports memorabilia. 

But everyone knows you can never have enough craft supplies and now the room looks like this:

Can't open the door all the way!

You can see the closet full of baseball cards

So much stuff!

Can't even see out the window!

So now you see why the studio is being built in the backyard!  I can't wait to make the move.  I should maybe go through things as I am moving and donate what I know I won't use to a school or something.  Maybe have a sale?   

At this moment the studio is completely insulated and the sheet rock is about 1/3 done.  I've already picked out the paint colors I want and have looked at floor covering.  We're moving along!  Stay tuned for Part 3!   


  1. Wow Janet - I know you've frequently shared photos of your space, but I don't think I realize quite how much stuff you have. While I don't envy the task it will be to move all of it out into your new backyard studio, no doubt it will be a real delight to be set up in a new, entirely-constructed-for-you place. How marvelous.

    1. I know Deborah! I look around the room and wonder how I'm gonna fit it all in!

  2. Hopefully moving it all will help you streamline and organise because there doesn't seem to be much workspace left there! lol

    1. Right? I am planning on a work surface to cover almost one whole wall!


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