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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December Reflections - 2017 - Five things about me

Today's prompt is 5 Things About Me...

I'm not really one to talk too much about myself actually, but here goes...

1983 - Before Surgery

1986 - After surgery and braces

1.  I had major surgery in my early thirties that changed the shape of my face because I was having TMJ joint issues.  Because of that surgery I now have a chin, but I also have lost some of the feeling in that chin, to the point that I can't always tell if I spill something while eating or drinking.  I had my mouth wired shut for six weeks and during that time I had to eat liquid foods only, first through a syringe with a long tube that I pushed along the inside of my mouth and down to the back of my throat.  Eventually I was able to use a straw.  I'll never forget the time I had been practicing all day and when my husband came home from work I was so excited to show him my accomplishment.  I said, "Look what I can do" and proceeded to drink through a straw.  He started laughing and said, "Very good honey" and took out his handkerchief to wipe all the dribble off my chin.  He loves me.  I also still have some of the wires in my jaw and you can feel them if you rub along my jawline.

1986 - After surgery and braces
1983 - Before surgery

2.  I am, according to the Myers-Briggs scale, an INFJ (although my psychology major daughter says that it is a less than a perfect test).  I didn't know what an INFJ was until a few years ago but it perfectly fits this "I don't like big parties and would rather sit home with a good book" woman.  I mean, I'll go to parties but I am more comfortable with smaller groups of people I know well.

3.  I have three sisters and all our names begin with the letter "J."  I wrote about that last year in the A to Z Challenge as my letter "Q" for quartet.

4.  I love the beach but don't get there nearly as often as I could.  It seems so far away but is only 20 minutes, max.

5.  I've lived near San Francisco all my life and only walked across the Golden Gate Bridge once, for my 60th birthday.  It was fun and I'd like to make time to do it again, as well as go to Alcatraz Island and see other San Francisco sites.  We have a Big City Hunt tour we can take too.

That's five things about me.  Want to share some things about you?  

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