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Friday, December 1, 2017

December Reflections - 2017 - Early

Once again I am going to participate in Susannah Conway's December Reflections.  In this journey we take the prompts she gives us and take pictures, journal, blog or whatever we like to show what the prompt means to us.  The idea is to help us take a bit of a pause in this busy time to reflect on the year we've just had.  Here are the prompts:

She has a link on her site where you can add your blog address.  As with the A to Z challenge, I have "met" a lot of really lovely people through this experience and am hoping to do so again this year.  

The first prompt is "Early" and here is my take on that:  

This is what the clock said when I woke up this morning.  That's EARLY.  Fortunately I was able to get back to sleep for another couple of hours.  Added bonus for me is that I can use these pictures to finish up my 365 picture project for this year, and interestingly, this is picture #335!  

I am kind of excited to try my hand at making a slideshow from the end result and I have already found a song I think will go great with the photos.  Admittedly I have not decorated my picture book as much in the last six months as I did in the first six months and again I think I will look for another project to shoot for next year.  While the concept of taking a picture a day for a year is a nice one, it is a lot of work on those days when life gets in the way.  I've come to far to give up now though.  

Here's a bit of Robert Palmer's Early in the Morning for you:

How about you?  Any year long projects you've stuck with?  Want to join in December Reflections?  Always room for more.


  1. My wife and I both woke up too early this morning for a Saturday. But we went to bed early so I guess that's what happens.

    I guess the only project I've stuck with all year is maintaining my blogging and I've not been very diligent with that.

    Tossing It Out

    1. It's funny how life happens to get in the way sometimes. I remembered how hard it was to continue with the picture project from when I did it in 2013 but thought I'd try again. Now it will probably be another few years before I attempt it. Kind of like childbirth...a few years between each kid to dim the memory of birthing pain? Not quite that bad LOL


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