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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December Reflections - 2017

I have not been posting as often as I thought I would during this month but once again, time seems to be moving so quickly!  It is crazy busy at Michaels and I stand at the cash register my whole shift.  I don't mind that.  I enjoy interacting with the customers (yes, unusual statement for an introvert like me).  Just when I think I see the end of the line, I look down for a minute and the next thing I know it is winding around the store again!  Job security, at least through the holidays, right?

Some of the prompts for the December Reflections I've already posted about or are ones I don't have an answer for.  One of them was "10 years ago..."  2007 was a "boring" year as I look back on pictures to help me remember.  We only went to a few concerts, there were no graduations or anything, both hubby and I were just working at our normal jobs...nothing spectacular.  I guess we all have years like that once in a while.

Another prompt was "best decision of 2017."  I'm not exactly sure what that would be.  Nothing I've decided to do this year has been so dramatic to make me think it was the "best" one.  I did apply for Social Security to start in March when I turn 63.  Too soon to tell if that was the "best" decision. 

"Sparkle" and "I let go of..." were two others that I just couldn't quite get into for some reason.  There is a lot of sparkle around now but I just wasn't feeling it yet.  We got our tree yesterday so maybe some sparkly magic will happen now.  I didn't really "let go" of anything, except maybe our youngest daughter who turned 21 in November.  I'm forced to accept the fact that she is an adult and I no longer have any control over her, but I don't consider that "letting go."  She'll always be our baby. 

Favorite picture of me was this one:

Even though it shows me smoking (which I gave up long ago) and drinking, thin and before the surgery on my mouth, it reminds me that deep inside there is a playful, fun loving free spirit and I know she is still in this old body of mine.  I made that outfit, so I've been crafty for a while :)

"Brings me joy" is the next prompt and this is my take on that:

Crafting brings me joy and having breakfast with my girlfriend from high school brings me great joy as well.  I made this tag banner for her to show her just how much our friendship means to me.  She lives 4 hours away now so we don't have a chance to see each other as often as we would like but we have made it a point to at least email each other once a month all year to keep in touch and have had a chance to meet for breakfast a couple of times when she comes down my way on business.

I promised her that since my word for this year is Create, I was going to try to Create some time to go visit her for a change.  

And there we are.  Less than a week to Christmas, two weeks to the end of 2017.  Are you ready?  


  1. Working at a retail job, I'm surprised that you have any time at all to think about blogging.

    We certainly don't do as much as we used to when my wife and I are home these days. Now however we travel more than we used to when my wife has her vacation times. Even when there's not much going on in my life I rarely feel bored and if I do feel bored then it's probably more to do with my being stubborn about something.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Very true, Lee. I am rarely bored. Wish I had the money to be able to afford to stay at home, but we are trying to get there. I have lots of retail stories I could blog about but I'm afraid I'd get in trouble! Merry Christmas to you and your wife, if I haven't said it to you already. Thanks for stopping by!


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