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Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Adventures - I made it

August definitely was a month of adventures!  We saw two concerts (Fab Four and Pat Benatar and Toto), took a trip down memory lane at the Summer of Love exhibit and I successfully completed all the August Break picture prompts.

In addition to all that, I managed to be pretty busy in my craft room too and made these goodies to put up for sale on my Etsy shop:

Cake shaped gift card holders

Ice cream cone shaped gift card holders

Mug shaped gift card holders

Wedding card

Thinking of you


Masculine birthday

Christmas two sided gift card holder



Male birthday or anniversary ticket/gift card holder


Purse shaped birthday/Just Because tag/gift card holder

September promises to start out with a bang as well.  Tomorrow I have a JOB INTERVIEW!  I have been working for myself from home for the last 17 years but the majority of my medical transcription has dwindled and if I want to continue going to my concerts, I need to find a way to supplement the income.  The interview is at Michael's Crafts so I am thinking it will be a good fit.  Still, not only have I worked for myself for so long, even when I was out in the job force I have never worked in retail.  I'm going to think positively.

Over the weekend we have concerts:  Foreigner, Cheap Trick and Jason Bonham on Saturday and Nickelback and Daughtry on Sunday.  Then things settle down somewhat until the end of the month when we go to Boulder Creek for the annual golf tournament my husband golfs in.  We've been doing that for over 20 years!  I'm glad we have some time because I just realized that I need to get the pictures from last year put together for the scrapbook!  

How about you?  Manage to come through August okay?  Big plans for September?  Love to hear about it.

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