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Saturday, August 12, 2017

August Adventures - August Break/365 pictures

Some of the pictures I've been taking for the combination August Break and 365 picture project this month include:

#220 - My, closed, smiling.  Bags underneath and all.  That's me.  No eye doctor (or anyone else for that matter) has ever said anything about it, but I think my left eye is different than my right.  I don't think it opens as much.  I remember once when I was younger I was hit in the eye with a baseball so hard it left the imprint of the stitches of the ball on my cheek.  Maybe that's it?

218 - Favorite Novel  I can't pick just one.  Little Women and all the Sherlock and Agatha Christie's.  My first racy book was  Lady Chatterley's Lover.  I remember thinking I was gonna get in trouble for reading that!

#221 - Postcards I am going to color.  I think they are kinda cool the way they are though too.

#223 - One Wish...Peace!  This is from a page in my junk journal.  Update on that soon!


This isn't part of the 365 but I had to take something to document the full moon in August, which sadly I couldn't see since it was so cloudy.  I think this picture is kinda neat.  It was taken from our back porch.  No filter.

This is a fun project and definitely easier to capture a picture a day when I have some prompts to guide me.  What do you think?


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