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Saturday, September 2, 2017

September Smiles - 2017

September is here and with it some extraordinary heat!  San Francisco broke it's all time heat record of 103 degrees (from June of 2000) with a high of 106 (on September 1); however, we are not to be fooled into thinking that this is any type of global warming.  They have, however, issued an excessive heat warning that goes until Monday.  

Before the day got too hot, I was on my way to the job interview at Michaels.  I haven't been on an interview in 23 years, but I think it went okay.  The first question the assistant manager asked me was, "Why do you want to work at Michaels?"  I told her that I owned my own business doing medical transcription but the increase in technology and retirement of some clients is taking my work away and I wasn't ready to retire yet.  I told her I had never worked in retail but I don't want to work in a medical office.  After 30 years I'm ready for something new.  I told her I do a lot of crafting so Michaels seemed the perfect fit.  

Then she asked what I would bring to the "team."  I told her that I would bring enthusiasm because I would be doing something new.  I told her I would bring wisdom because I am old.  She laughed.  She told me about the hours and I said that I wasn't going to give up my business but that I could work afternoons and evenings.  One of the "perks" of the job is a 30% discount at the store!  All in all I think it went well.  They are doing a background check on me at the moment and then we'll go on to the next step.  Pretty sure there is nothing in my background too shady for Michaels.  She told me the dress code was casual - jeans, any kind of shirt and they give me a vest or I could buy a Michaels employee T-shirt.  She said she tells people that she is an assistant manager and wears jeans and a t-shirt to work.  I told her I had been working my dream job for the past 17 years and maybe Michaels could be dream job #2.  We'll see.   

Me, squinting in the sun in front of Michaels.  

After I left the interview I went for a walk by the bay.  I felt very light and in great spirits.  I think the interview went well because I had been feeling no particular pressure.  It wasn't live or die if I don't get the job.  I have reached the age where I could collect social security if I wanted to but the longer I delay, the more money I'll get.  Three or four years working at Michaels could definitely help that.

And then I went home and checked on my typing work, which fortunately there was some of but which won't be due until Tuesday because of the holiday.  I went into the craft room and made two cards for a double birthday we were invited to and tried to keep the house as cool as possible.  Toward evening my husband called me into the living room and said, "Look at this!"

The sun setting behind the house across the street made it look like it was on fire.  I love that Bill calls me when he finds something interesting for me to see.  He gets that I love to take my pictures.  

Tonight we have Foreigner, Cheap Trick and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience.  It is going to be a warm evening but I'm sure we'll manage.  How about you?  Having a heat wave?

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