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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Amazing August

August 2 -

I love when things come together so easily.  I'm pretty sure the whole month won't work out this way, so I'll take the easy when I can.

Today's prompt for August Break 2016 is "Leaf."  That means one leaf to me, not leaves, so I didn't want to just go in the yard and take a picture of the leaves (you would not really want to see my backyard it its current state anyway.  We fancied up the house itself; the yard is another story, but I digress).

In my emails this morning, I got one from Michaels that proclaimed it was National Coloring Book Day.  I have always liked to color, sometimes even more than the kids when they were growing up.  I have been coloring in the "adult" coloring books for a while now and have several different ones going on.

How does all this connect to the prompt of "Leaf" you ask?

From my years of experience working in the library as a "page" (someone who puts the books away), I know that a page in a book is called a "leaf."  (You might know that too, even if you didn't work in a library.  Good for you!)

When I color in my adult coloring books, I usually start with the leaves.  I like the varying shades of green and I like to mix markers with colored pencils.

Again, though, the prompt was "leaf" not "leaves" so I didn't want to just use those pictures.  Instead, below is a "leaf" of the coloring book I am working on right now!  

Like the way I did that?  You may have learned two things today, August 2 is National Coloring Book Day and a leaf is a page in a book (three if you didn't know that the person who puts the books away in the library is a "page").

Hope your August is also Amazing.  We are going to see Adele tonight.  So excited.  Follow along with the August Break prompts all month and it's not too late to join in if you want to play as well, just click on the link above.  

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