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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Marvelous March

March 31 - One more quick post from Marvelous March before we turn the page to A to Z April and April Love, two of the challenges in which I will be participating.

Here is the full moon from March 23:

It was a lot clearer than last month's full moon, at least at the time I saw it.  Something magical about looking at that bright circle in the sky.  I always try to make a wish or ask the Universe to help me on my latest endeavor.

This year my wish was for a good result when I had our taxes done the next day.  I don't know about you but every year I have the butterflies in the stomach until tax time is over.

My intention worked!  We are getting quite a nice refund from both the Feds and the State (of course the fact that we had only one income so to speak and are putting our daughter through college probably had some effect on the outcome)!

At any rate, that is over for the year and, as always, I vow to be more organized with my paperwork (or at least start organizing now for next year so I am not doing it the day before I go to the accountant).

How about you?  Make any wishes on the full moon?  Hope they come true for you!

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