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Friday, March 22, 2019

Mainly in March - 2019 - The Studio, Part 3

So, we've seen the first part about clearing the backyard and we've seen the second part about all my craft supplies.  Now comes the third part where I convince my husband that putting a shed in the backyard would be a good use of some of that space.  (Notice I said shed to begin with so as to make it more appealing to him).  I had been seeing "She Sheds" and I really liked them.

Of course I did my research about sheds.  I wanted something made of wood that would be sturdy enough to hold all my supplies.  I looked at a bunch of different options and I found a great local company that has been in business for a long time called The Shed Shop.  A friend of mine has one from them in her backyard that she uses as an office and it is very nice.  If we kept it at 120 square feet we would not have to get a building permit.  I needed electricity though so we did have to get an electrical permit, but The Shed Shop takes care of all that for you.  We picked out an 8 foot x 15 foot Tall Classic shed.

The Shed Shop sent someone out to measure our backyard to make sure we could accommodate the structure and we have plenty of room.  Next step was to prepare the foundation.  I was at work but hubby and our daughter took pictures of the concrete being laid.

We've had a lot of rain recently so the actual construction had to be delayed a few days but it didn't take them long to put it up once they started.

Next came the electrical installation.  That took two days and fortunately the rain stayed away long enough for it to be finished, except for one quick burst of hail which made the guys run and hide inside the shed! 

The inspector came to make sure that everything was up to code and then we were free to start tackling the inside.  We are extremely lucky to have a friend who does sheet rock and he came and put up the insulation and covered the walls and ceiling.

Once that was done I could paint.  I knew I wanted white for most of it but picking out the color for the accent wall was almost overwhelming.  I had a color picked out but when it came time to actually get the paint, I changed it and I am so glad I did.

  Notice how the wall color kind of looks like one of my favorite drinks?

The color is called Nautical
Baby Blue Ocean at Benihana

Once the paint was done we picked out some indoor/outdoor carpeting and baseboard.

Then comes the fun part of moving everything in!  My biggest piece of furniture is my Scrapbox so that had to go in first.  

My paper tower and craft table were the last two big pieces of furniture and now we fill in the blanks. 

I decided not to keep my sewing machine and the cabinet it is in.  I never sewed that much so I'd rather use that space for my paper supplies.  Anybody need a sewing machine or cabinet? 

We put up a workbench because I like to work standing.

And here it is for now. 

I have everything in, although not everything is put away where it belongs.  I need to have a few shelves put up but I have made enough space and organized it enough so that I know where everything is and I can finally start creating things again!  So excited.  When everything is finally done for real I'm going to try my hand at making a walk-through video.  Waddya think about that? 


  1. You must be so pleased with it and excited to get creating again! Looks really good.

    1. It is heaven Wendy! I actually was out there this weekend creating and I am having so much fun!

  2. Wow! That is one serious craft room. I love that it's your own cosy little place with everything set out just how you like it. I don't do craft but I still envy your little haven.

    1. It is wonderful. I've actually been able to start working on a project (one that's due by March 30th) and then I can start on the A to Z. Cutting it close right?

  3. Pretty studio! Great to have a dedicated place ;)


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