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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mainly in March - 2019 - Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Linda has set us the task of talking about the last piece of physical mail we got.  I've noticed that most people have been saying they get very little mail anymore, preferring to pay bills online.  While I pay the bills online, I still get the paper statement just to make sure.  I know, call me wasteful.  I like having the paper trail to refer to. 

I'd like to talk instead about the last piece of mail addressed to my husband.  He made the choice to respond to a Publisher's Clearing House notification about six months ago and since then he gets at least one, sometimes three mailings from them every day!  Well, maybe not EVERY day but at least 2 or 3 times a week. 

At first he was ordering from them, small things, but that just seemed to increase the amount of mail he was getting.  I told him that it was not worth it to continue but he said that he was going to keep up with it until the next big giveaway. 

Of course no one knocked on our door with the huge check on prize day so I thought that would end the matter...not so.  There seems to be a new drawing every few months and they keep telling him that he is getting closer and closer to winning (estimates place your odds at 1 in 1.7 billion).  Now they send him mailings that have a map of our town to show that they know where he lives! 

Each one of the mailings has an envelope with a sticker or something that needs to be attached and sent back in order to keep you in the running.  He has stopped ordering (thankfully) but still wants to send back the entries.  One day I had 6 empty envelopes going to Publisher's Clearing House (may/may not be an exaggeration). 

On the one hand, I feel like I am losing money in postage (55 cents for regular mail at the moment).  On the other hand, getting one of those oversized checks would be something!  Plus, at this point we are keeping at least one postal worker (possibly two - one sorter, one mail carrier) in jobs so we are contributing to the economy. 

To be fair, he was a winner.  We got a check in the mail from Publisher's Clearing House for $10.  That about paid for the postage for the month so we are almost even.  And really, how can I deny my husband the pleasure he gets from opening all these fantastic offers?  Could be worse. 

Thanks Linda.  Great subject. 


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    1. Oh yes, me too! He is retired and has too much time on his hands - LOL.


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