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Monday, June 25, 2018

Jots in June - 2018 Vision Card update

It's been six months since I made this year's vision cards.   It's time to revisit them and see if there's been any progress.  If you are asking me off the top of my head, I'd say sadly no.  This year it does not seem like I've accomplished anything so far.

Money:  I started out the year working at Michaels but that only lasted a total of 6 months and I left there in April.  Instead, I am collecting Social Security now and we are doing okay.  We did get a final settlement from Workers' Comp for my husband's injury that went back to 2010 and a surprise check from his former employer for uncollected vacation pay so that was a great boon to the bank account.  I've paid off some credit cards and money juggled on some others so we are in a little better position than we were before but there is still work to be done here.

House:  We totally gutted the backyard and painted our daughter's room so there has been some progress made.  I still want to make a room by room list of things I'd like to get accomplished that way we can work on them a little at a time.  Funny that I picked the picture with the gnomes on this card before I saw the ones at Michaels that I fell in love with.  See how those vision cards work?

Health:  This is the one area I have done the poorest with I think.  Not only have I not been eating smart, I haven't been taking my walks or anything.  Some of that weight I lost last year has found its way back so the next six months I am going to make this area my prime concern.  I can't make any excuse.  Having the Home Chef deliveries has been a definite help in the "What's for dinner" challenge but I need to be more disciplined in the things I eat the rest of the day. 

Creativity:  I am doing well here I am happy to say.  I've sold some big things through Etsy and of course there is my Sketchbook that is so exciting to me right now.  It is going to be included in the tour that they do too!  I am trying to blog more and learn some new things with making videos, etc.  My next project will be to make a slideshow of my 365 pictures from last year.  I should be able to manage that.  It's just time consuming because I wasn't thinking ahead so I didn't put the numbers on the pictures as I was taking them.

Next is travel:  We went to Reno earlier this year and we are going to Oregon next month but I still want to look into a train trip down the coast or go on the Big City Hunt in San Francisco like we did last year in Reno.

Last but not least is connecting with family and friends:  We did go out to dinner with some friends and then to the beach to watch the sunset which was really fun.  I've also had breakfast with my girlfriend and gone to visit my sister and her family.  We still have our concerts to go to and a couple of them are with friends as well as our annual Boulder Creek golf tournament. 

After going through each one I guess I have done more than I thought.  It is interesting to me that a lot of the things that got accomplished were not really planned but happened more spontaneously and as they were happening I wasn't really thinking about the vision cards (the dinner out with friends and trip to the beach to watch the sunset is the one that stands out the most).  I'm looking forward to the rest of the year to see how much more will happen that way. 

Side note:  I have just found out that Blogger stopped sending me notifications when someone comments on my blog so I've taken steps to correct that (see this post) and I apologize to anyone who commented on a post recently and I did not respond.  I get so few comments anyway, I certainly don't want to be known as someone who does not engage! 

So, how has your half year been?  Accomplish things you wanted to accomplish?  


  1. How fun to see your cards again Janet, and how wise to do a mid-year review to see how things are going. I think it's great that you discovered you accomplished some things without really being intentional about them - life delivers wonderful surprises doesn't it? And now that you have your year's vision back firmly in your mind, wishing a wonderful rest of the year.

    1. Thanks, Deborah. I think it is especially interesting that I revisited them so close to the full moon tonight. May as well get as much benefit from our lunar friend as possible, right?


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