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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jots in June - 2018 - Father's Day and #SLS

Today is Song Lyric Sunday again and the prompt from Helen is: seconds/minutes/hours.  Today also happens to be Father's Day so here is a little ditty that makes me think of my dad, not so much because of the words but because of the times. 

Dean Martin - Every Minute Every Hour

Every minute every hour
My love grows in every way,
Every minute every hour
That's the way it goes everyday.
How I wish the days were longer
Every minute one more thrill,
Every hour it grows stronger
And it always will.
I live for tomorrow
For I know what's in store,
I can be sure that tomorrow
Will be sweeter than before.
I'll do all that's in my power
Just to keep the old ways new,
Every minute every hour
I'll spend loving you.
Every minute every hour
I'll spend loving you
Songwriters: Taylor Lane
Every Minute, Every Hour lyrics © Barton Music Corporation

My dad was the original selfie taker.  I really wish we had been smart enough to know that selfies were going to be a "thing" and patent or copywrite the word.  He'd get a kick out of that for sure.  Every roll of film we had developed had a selfie of him.  Not many pictures of my mom or us kids.  Mostly him and flowers.     

He did love my mom though.  We were all sure of that.  You could see it in his eyes when he looked at her.  He would usually go along with whatever she said, although she always told us girls HE was the "master of the house." 

There were four of us girls and I know he loved us all equally but I always said I was the favorite because I was born three days before his birthday and got to come home from the hospital on his birthday.  I said I was his birthday present. 

His other love was flowers.  He was a florist all of his life and we had such pretty plants around our house.  His pride plant was a poinsettia that was in a corner of our front yard. 

One of his talents was barbecuing.  He built a huge barbecue pit in our backyard and a long table with benches and would have the neighbors over every summer for a big shindig. 

He was a joker too.  On one of their bus trips to Reno he talked the bus driver into letting him sit behind the wheel.  He always wore a cowboy hat and that would be a fun (?) shopping trip to go and get him a new hat. 

His real name was Italo John Stagnaro but everyone called him "Bash" for who knows what reason (there were a couple of different stories I heard growing up but I'm not sure which was the truth).  He was fond of making little double meanings as on this shirt he wore on another bus trip.  Obviously the B. S. stands for Bash Stagnaro to us kids but I'm pretty sure his friends on the trip had a different take on those initials.

Dean Martin and the Rat Pack era reminds me of my dad.  That is what I grew up with in our house and they are such happy memories for me.  I really miss my dad and hope that I continue to make him proud.  Happy Father's Day to all the other dads out there!   

And here is Mr. Martin:

Thanks again to Helen for her Song Lyric Sunday blog fest.  Please go over and check out what songs others have picked.  



  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad, Janet! Thank you for sharing this on this special day!

    1. He was pretty great. I'm always afraid I didn't show him enough how much he meant to me when he was around.

  2. How lovely to have such wonderful memories of your life with your dad. My dad was a pretty useless father - not particularly interested in any of us and I miss having a legacy to look back on like you have.

    1. Sorry about your dad, Leanne. I can't imagine not having a dad who cared. I know my husband feels bad because he missed a lot with our kids growing up since he worked a lot of strange hours and was sick a lot. Then again, his father was an abusive alcoholic so those are his memories. I feel very fortunate.

  3. Sweet memories and a lovely tribute Janet. My dad's nickname was Robin, so I have a soft spot in my heart whenever I see a robin and always say hello.

    1. Yes, Deborah. I can imagine that Robin's hold special meaning for you.


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