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Saturday, September 16, 2017

September Smiles - Creative Live

I had some time yesterday since I had no transcription work and I took a free online class from Creative Live:

This class started at 9 AM and went until about 6 PM and then it started all over and would continue until 9 AM today, Saturday.

It was so interesting and very informative about how to use YouTube as marketing to grow your business.  The instructor gave very good demonstrations of how to make good videos and then how to edit them and upload them to YouTube.  She gave tips on how to optimize for search engines and how to monetize your YouTube channel and where to find your analytics and what they mean.

This is the fourth or fifth free course I have taken.  I took one on using Instagram for marketing, one on optimizing my Etsy site and a couple of how-to's with paper crafting.  The courses can be purchased so that you can view them again as many times as you want and if you buy them, they come with handouts to go along with the course.  I have purchased 3 classes that were on sale for $30 or less.

They have classes on all kinds of different subjects:  photo and video, craft and maker, money and life, art and design, music and audio.  Ever want to learn how to make flower arrangements or take great night photography shots?  Want to be a wedding photographer or learn how to mix music, do some writing and publish an E-book?  It's all there.  There is even one on learning how to use Snapchat and how to build a joyful life!  Those are useful things to know.

  Check Out CreativeLive's Free On-Air Classes

I am an affiliate, so if you click and/or take a class, I will get a small compensation, but it doesn't change the price for you and really, how can you beat free?  If you do take a class I'd love to hear about your experience.  

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